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CAP-Project, TCM Mongstad, Norway


K-Svets have manufactured and erected the piping to Alstom's Chilled Ammonia Plant, which is part of Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM), the worlds larges test facility for CO2 capture.

K-Svets have handled purchase of material, manufacturing at K-Svets workshops in Sweden (including non-destructing testing and surface treatment) and erection of the piping on site.

The erection started in the end of 2010 and was finalized in spring 2012. K-Svets has manufactured piping in carbon, stainless, duplex and super duplex material.

Scandinavian Tank Storage, Göteborg, Sweden

K-Svets have dismantled and erected a 3200 meter long 32” pipeline in the oil harbor Göteborg for Scandinavian Tank Storages.

In addition to the main line, erection of connection piping has been performed.


AkzoNobel (Eka Chemicals), Bohus Sweden


K-Svets conducted during 2011 mechanical work with the SteamReformer PMU REF- II at AkzoNobel's plant in Bohus outside of Göteborg, Sweden.
The construction is built in the materials SANICRO 31HT and INCOLOY 800HT.
The construction was manufactured at K-Svets workshops in Stenungsund and erection was made during planned maintenance.