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Welding technology
Welding technology

Welding and welding technology form the backbone of K-Svets's operations. We continuously invest in new and modern equipment and have a welding quality system compliant with SS-EN ISO 3834-2.
We have ongoing cooperation with other companies to ensure the continuous development and streamlining of our welding technology.

Welding manager

K-Svets has appointed a welding manager who is in charge of all work on welding technology development, documentation and quality follow-up.

Welding operator qualification test

K-Svets's personnel are certified according to SS-EN ISO 9606-1, SS-EN ISO 9606-4 & 9606-5 and SS-EN ISO 14732.

The welding methods we apply include: MMA, TIG, MIG/MAG and SAW.
We have personnel certified in the commonly occurring material groups.

Procedure testing

K-Svets's WPQR/WPSs are qualified according to SS-EN ISO 15614-1 or SS-EN ISO 15613.

The procedure test meets the requirements for PED classification in the manufacture of pipes according to: EN 13480 and pressure vessels according to: EN 13445